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Working Since 2006 to Make The World happy again

No matter how many times your amazing, absolutely brilliant

Evelyn Ojei Foundation is a non-governmental organization which was founded and established in 2006 and incorporated on the 13th of May, 2007 (Incorporation N: CAC/IT/23924).

are an NGO with the initiative to helping the underprivileged by the process of self-empowerment which enables them to overcome the underprivileged condition surrounding them, the lack of influence, and to recognize, develop their talent and training them to be resourceful and productive to the world at large.

Giving them an opportunity to be creative by training them with basic skills to become an entrepreneur and also be of a service to the Nation through soft skills. This skills help them to effect changes, not only in their personal lives but in turns helps the society.

We help them see they have a part to play in nation building. We hope in the future they will train others who will train others too and together we creating a global network of entrepreneur builders.

Evelyn Ojei
CEO & Founder of Evelyn Ojei Foundation

The Vision

This project is a vision borne out of passionate yearning to touch the lives of unfortunate girls, ladies and women in our society. Due to the present economic hardship and other unfavorable circumstances, some innocent girls have dropped out of school, while some housewives have worked out of their marriages, lured into prostitution, house girls/forced labor, street hawking and some thrown out of home to be battered on all sides by the cruel world. This has been our daily observations and a great burden has fallen on us to provide solution.

The Mission

Our mission is to reach out in love to these helpless girls, needy mothers and children, to touch as many as possible, restoring and bringing life to them. We intend to provide home (hostel, accommodation) for some of the extreme cases. Other services will include counselling; feeding, (spiritual and physical), clothing’s, training (skill impartation for economic empowerment), etc.

Our Volunteer

No matter how many times your amazing, absolutely brilliant

Antonio Creighton

Senior Volunteer

Jannatul Ferdous

Event Manager

Rashed kabir Abs

Head Of Volunteer

Muhibbur Rashid

Senior Volunteer

Insure Learning Facility for Children Mothers and Girls

With your donation, we can insure good facility for learning for our students.
Helping to improving access to quality education facilities and learning material for children, girls and mothers, ensure they reached their full potential throughout their training period.
Our efforts to boost education of the girls and mothers by training them with the right skills to help them improve the quality of living, helping their families and giving back to their society as they become part of the positive force to build the society.

Insure Home Facility for Children Mothers and Girls

Your donation can give them shelter and a place to live. Shelter to keep them together during the training period. Help them focus on the training and also protect them from negative influences of the society that can keep them away from their goals of becoming better citizens.

Insure training materials for Children Mothers and Girls

Your donation can give them opportunity to learning using the materials for training. Also it provides them with trainers to take them on different skills.
Training materials is a vital aspect of our foundation. Every day we engage the girls on different training skills. These materials are need for continual hands on training for the tranees.

Our Training

Cake making, chemicals (tablets soap, Dettol, izal. Liquid soap. Insecticide, air freshener and Vaseline) makeup and tying of gele(Head gear), bead making and souvenir bag.
Helping underprivileged girls and women to improve the quality of their lives with skills they need to make an impact in their community and the world at large.