about Evelyn Ojei

She Is the founder of Evelyn Ojei Foundation.

She is from Delta state, Agbor a successful woman married to Wilson Ojei with five children, who through the years have help many people to fulfil their dreams in life. She has come across people with all kinds of problems, and most of the time the solution to their problems is money, and how can we get money only through doing something, so we come up with this training empowerment which enables the participant to make money of their own immediately after they have been trained.

I enjoy seeing their story turn to testimony, I enjoy seeing their children feeding well again. Am very passionate about this work. The work of transforming lives, when people begin to do things they have no idea of before, they begin to talk with confidence they never believe they have before, it gives joy.

My dream and passion in live is to empower and help those in need and make them able to help others also.

Evelyn Ojei
CEO & Founder of Evelyn Ojei Foundation